Wireless Chargers & Charging Pads

At Wireless Me, we provide a range of wireless charging tech for both your car and home. Charging your devices has never been more quick and convenient!

Our Ultimate 4 in 1 Wireless Charger for Apple

If you’re a tech fiend, technocrat or cyberpunk, you may often find yourself running out of plug sockets to charge your many devices.
Not anymore with our 4 in 1 charging station! You can charge up to four devices simultaneously whether it be smartphones, smartwatches or ear pods at speeds of up to 15W!

Charge 4 Devices At Once

Charge 2 Smartphones, Apple Watch & AirPods

15W Blazing Fast Charge

Two 15W wireless pads to charge your devices more efficiently and in less time.

Dual 15W Fast Wireless

15W Fast Wireless Charging for two devices at once such as a personal phone and work phone.

Charge Portrait & Landscape

Dual coil design makes it easy to keep using your phone while charging in portrait or landscape mode.

Clutter Free Charging

Clutter-free design eliminates mess cables

Apple & Android Compatible

Charge any Qi-enabled device, including Apple & Android devices

Wireless Charge Pad

Charge Pad - 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charger


Wireless Charging Pads

Our premium charging pad is the effortless way to energise your smartphones. Not only does the pad charge your devices at super fast speeds, it also features a stylish fabric surface, glossy alloy shell and handy LED light indicator. The base of the pad also comes equipped with anti-slip rubber elements. Just place your phone atop the pad. Charging your phone has never been simpler or easier!

15W Qi Fast Charge

15W Qi wireless pad charges your devices at blazing fast speed

No more messy cables

Eliminate the hassle of multiple cables and tangled wires. Simply place it on the pad to power up quick.

Functionality Meets Style

Attractive anti scratch fabric finish with a sleek aluminium anti slip base.

LED Safe Charge Indicator

LED light alerts you to the presence of foreign objects such as keys and coins which can disrupt your charge.

Super-Thin Portable Design

Slim Profile compact design allows you to slip the charger into your pocket or bag when you're on the move

Apple & Android Compatible

Charge any Qi-enabled device, including Apple, Samsung, Android devices and AirPods

Wireless Car Charger

Magnetic Qi Wireless Car Charger


Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Utilise the convenience of wireless charging technology when on the go! Simply clip the charger into one of the air vents on your car’s dashboard, apply the included magnetic ring on the back of your phone and attach it to the charger via the power of magnetism. Your phone will be securely held in place whilst driving, and you can take advantage of all the benefits of wireless charging when on the road!

10W Fast Wireless Charge

10W Qi Fast wireless charging for your device on the go

Air Vent or Dashboard Installation

Two ways of installation. Insert the mount into your air vent or stick mount down on any flat surface such as the dashboard.

Strong Magnetic Hold

Strong magnetic design makes it easy to attach your phone to the mount and keep it stable and secure whilst driving

Case Compatible Up To 3mm Thick

Charge without removing your case. Engineered to work with lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm.

360° Rotatable Mount

The 360 degree rotation ball allows you to angle your phone into portrait or landscape

Apple & Android Compatible

Charge any Qi-enabled device, including Apple, Samsung and Android devices.